Aye! Bahamas


A new app showcasing The Bahamas to the world has hit the market.

Aye! Bahamas Travel Guide today unveiled its eponymous smartphone application – a palm-size, digital brochure designed to make tourists and potential visitors aware of where to stay, dine, see and do while visiting these sun-drenched shores.

“Essentially, our app conveniently allows visitors who are planning a trip to The Bahamas or who are already here to navigate the local scene like a native. They are able to research dining options, activities, historic and cultural sites, explore tours and waters sports and more while vacationing here,” said Grand Bahama native, Leslie Gelin, who developed the concept for the app along with his business partners.

“For locals, the app is a plus, allowing a quick look at restaurants or excursions they may never have tried.”

Gelin, an insurance executive by profession, has always been fascinated with developing simpler solutions through electronic tools.

The former restaurateur went in search of his next, best business idea in the wake of his family restaurant and lounge, The Office, closure in 2005, after a three-year run.

“After the restaurant experience, I attributed the time and treasure lost as education and learning for the next project. So, my eyes were open, and my mind was actively working,” he said.

Last October, he woke up with the idea to create a digital tour guide that would allow users to explore The Bahamas at their own pace. He assembled a team to build the app fairly quickly. Within 10 weeks the app was able to be tested. Two weeks later it was in Android stores for Samsung users. Two weeks after that the app was available for download on Apple devices.

Gelin says the app, which takes its name from locals’ standard greeting, “Aye,” is designed to evolve to meet users’ demands. Currently, it focuses on six areas: shopping, dining, entertainment, activities, accommodation and transportation.

“The advertising advantages to local business is huge,” said Gelin. “There is the potential for far greater reach of specific target markets at just a fraction of the cost. Our partners in the business community have full control of their content 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means they are able to update their customers in real time about upcoming events, promotions, discounts and the like.”

For the month of May, new businesses subscribing to the app for the first time will be featured free for 30 days.

“Potential advertisers get to try before they buy,” said Gelin. “We want businesses and individuals to install and test drive the app so we’re making it free for a limited time.”



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