Bahamas Feeding Network

Bahamas Feeding Network Thanks AML Foods Ltd. for Years-long Support

Usually on the receiving end of an extended arm offering monetary donations or food supplies, in a switch of positions, the Bahamas Feeding Network (BFN) extended its arm to say thank you to a long-time supporter, AML (Abaco Markets Limited) Foods Ltd. with the presentation of plaques to company President and CEO Gavin Watchorn and Vice President of Marketing & Communications Renea Bastian.

With up to one in every eight people living in The Bahamas going to bed hungry with the poverty level set at $11.24 a day the Bahamas Feeding Network was launched in December 2013 to fulfill a mandate of helping to eradicate hunger in The Bahamas. AML Foods Ltd., the parent company of Solomon’s, Solomon’s Fresh Market, Cost Right Wholesale Club, and Domino’s, has backed them every step of the way.

“From day one AML Foods Ltd. has partnered with the Bahamas Feeding Network,” said Philip Smith, Executive Director of the Bahamas Feeding Network. “Over the years their commitment to the Network and its various programs has strengthened resulting in their involvement greatly impacting the lives of thousands of Bahamians not only in New Providence but in Grand Bahama and many of the Family Islands.”

In 2016 AML Foods Ltd. pledged $100,000 over a three-year period. Donations support the Network’s feeding program where on a weekly basis more than 2,800 hot meals are prepared and distributed along with nearly 400 bags of groceries to more than 120 churches, soup kitchens and feeding centres.

During the presentation Smith made a special effort to recognize Renea Bastian, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at AML Foods Limited.

“In life you meet people whose hearts are bigger than any you would have seen before, those who leave an indelible mark on you; Renea is one such person,” Smith said. “She is the brainchild of the Feed 5,000 campaign that last year December raised over $80,000 and saw BFN as the sole beneficiary. Funds raised purchased holiday food packages filled with ham, turkey, stuffing and other items which were given to more than 2,000 families in New Providence and Grand Bahama. Her passion is unmatched and we are incredibly grateful to her and to AML for their invaluable expression of generosity to us.

In response to the tokens of appreciation Gavin Watchorn shared, “AML Foods Ltd. has long been impressed by the dedication and service to others displayed by the executives and volunteers who are a part of the Bahamas Feeding Network. They have, over the years, become a household name in being a resource for those in our communities affected by hunger and poverty. We at AML Foods are pleased that we can assist and are humbled by this show of gratitude.”

The Bahamas Feeding Network was founded by H.E. Frank Crothers, Ambassador from Malta and the Vatican to The Bahamas. Directors are among the leading civic and businesspersons in The Bahamas including Chairman Felix Stubbs.

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