Oasis Furniture

Oasis offers unique finds for June’s shopping season

What do Dads, Grads and brides have in common? They all celebrate in June.

“Shoppers looking to make Father’s Day special, show love to a newly minted college graduate, or discover a wedding gift sure to please make cash registers sing this month,” said the proprietor of a store that specializes in the unique, chic and contemporary in furniture, gifts and accessories from across the globe.

Brooke Phillips’ Oasis is a shopper’s paradise for those short on gift ideas and longing for unique finds. Although the storeowner anticipate sales picking up this month, that’s not to say June doesn’t have its share of challenges.

“Finding the right gift to celebrate the new grad, great dad or happy bride is enough to drive many to resort to online retail,” said Ms Phillips. “When they do that, they miss out on the tactile experience, the feel and touch of exploring gift items that makes shopping actually fun.”

The 33-year-old treks by foot, camel, horse, mule and more from Africa to the Far East, and across North America searching for the unique to stock her store – a relatively new destination for retail therapy in the Sandyport Shopping Centre.

With its rare pieces, Oasis takes home décor to a new level in The Bahamas. Its inventory features sofas, chairs, dining room and end tables, fine rugs, large mirrors, copper-lined chandeliers, stone sinks, hand-carved vases, lamps and other items too numerous to mention.

The store boasts a small selection of caftans, bags and jewelry. It also provides the backdrop for the work of local craftsman Morgan McKinney whose unique hand-sculpted wood works of practical art, are on display exclusively at Oasis.

“It’s notoriously difficult to shop for most Dads. He does not want or need any more colognes, socks, or ties,” said Phillips.

“Why not upgrade his space with a black leather chair sporting a mahogany frame, or brighten up his man cave with a comfortable, yet stylish gray sofa that he’ll sink into and never want to leave.”

For a wedding gift, Phillips suggests giving newlyweds’ starter apartment a designer upgrade with a new table – an investment worthy piece that will last long after their move. Think rustic, round, wooden farm table for a simply, stylish couple or a marble slab with bronze and gold legs for a more modern, upscale look.

Oasis features a range of affordable gifts grads would be excited to receive – bags from Morocco and the Far East, to accessories that make the outfit, to useful items, like a business card holder.

Before dashing out the door with wallet and keys in hand, Ms. Phillips suggests taking stock of your loved one’s style, what he or she already owns, and giving real thought to the individual’s needs or wants.

“It takes time and research to snag the perfect gift for your Dad, Grad or bride,” she said. “To avoid last minute purchases and buyer’s remorse start browsing now.”