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Sandyport’s Oasis Furniture Launches Bridal Registry
The popularity of a summertime wedding traces its roots to ancient times when the celebrated Juno – the deity from which the month takes its name – ruled all aspects of women’s lives, including childbirth and marriage.
Fastforward a few centuries and June brides have grown to legendary proportions not only in the global wedding market, a $300 billion industry, but also in The Bahamas. Little wonder why Oasis, a furniture and home décor store located in the Sandyport Plaza on West Bay Street, is rolling out its bridal registry.
The store which recently celebrated its first anniversary aims to be the ‘one-stop unique boutique’ featuring everything from the basics like sofas and dining sets to the whimsical – one of a kind napkin rings, scented candles, copper chandeliers and hand-woven rugs from faraway lands.
“Couples choose a bridal registry based on two features that are important to them. First, they want to offer their guests options that reflect their taste and secondly, they want it to be easy for their guests to choose and purchase,” said Brooke Phillips, who actually realized the value of local  bridal registries in the most personal way, becoming engaged herself. In fact, her fiance helps out in the store.
“Being a Bahamian entrepreneur we wanted to have our registry in The Bahamas, not in a chain store in the U.S. where people could shop online,” said Phillips, a 33-year-old certified residential and commercial space stager.
“It is also important for a registry to marry taste with needs whether the pair is starting from scratch or looking to upgrade an existing shared space with modern necessities reflective of his and her style. We help ensure that your registry is comprehensive and easy for your loved ones to shop from.”
There is no rush for a bride to make all her selections at once. Ms Phillips recommends making multiple visits to the store.
“Simply start with the basics and add to it as you go,” she advises. “We tell our brides to use a wide price range in their gift selection so guests have options to match their pricepoint. We believe wedding guests also appreciate having lots of choices.”
Ms Phillips stocks her stores with items as unique as each couple. She treks by foot, camel, horse, mule and more from Africa to the Far East, and across North America searching for one-of-a-kind finds to dot the Sandyport store downstairs from Club One Fitness Centre.
Oasis inventory features sofas, chairs, dining room and end tables, fine rugs, large mirrors, copper-lined chandeliers, stone sinks, hand-carved vases, lamps and other items too numerous to mention.
It also provides the backdrop for the work of local craftsman Morgan McKinney whose unique hand-sculpted wood works of practical art, are on display exclusively at Oasis.
“We have scores of furniture and décor items to register for, to begin or complete a room,” said Ms Phillips. “Couples are guaranteed to find pieces to love almost as much as they cherish each other.”
The Bahamas’ newest bridal registry was launched this month at Oasis, Sandyport, headquarters of unique custom-crafted pieces and home décor from around the world.  The registry includes a range of furniture and soft goods from sofas and dining room sets to nests of candles, pillows, rugs and woven baskets.