Commonwealth Brewery Limited

CBL Releases 30th Anniversary Documentary

The leading Bahamian beverage company is rolling out a documentary, one that reflects on its past, looks to the future and chronicles Commonwealth Brewery’s challenges, strengths and successes over the past three decades.

“Both Commonwealth Brewery and Kalik beer, the first Bahamian beer and still the first choice of Bahamians, turn 30 this year,” said Dennis Hanna, corporate relations director for the publicly held company. “We wanted to mark the milestone with a documentary that would tell the story and share the legacy of this extraordinary company that is such an integral part of the fabric of Bahamian society and culture.”

The Bahamas’ largest and oldest beer, wines and spirits distributor, Commonwealth Brewery Limited (CBL) operates its wholesale and retail arms under the 700 Wines & Spirits brand, employing a 450-strong workforce. Commonwealth Brewery Limited is a subsidiary of Heineken International.

“A lot has changed since we first cranked up our assembly line 30 years ago. Our incredible assortment of products has grown to encompass 70 plus brands of beers, wines, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages. That growth would not have been possible without the efforts of our phenomenal team,” said Hanna, the corporate relations director at Commonwealth Brewery Limited.

“Hundreds of Bahamians make up the heart and soul of the brewery taking our flagship product, Kalik, from hops to homes in a hands-on brewing process. This documentary is a toast to them and to those who support us without fail.”

“Most Bahamians are familiar with our products, our shiny stores and our engaging 700 Wines & Spirits staff, but so much more takes place behind the scenes to make the brewery successful,” said Hanna. “The documentary sheds light those parts of the process that consumers do not ordinarily have the opportunity to see. It shines the light on the people, dedication and technology that together make Kalik and Commonwealth Brewery a favourite among Bahamians and an integral part of the economy, social fabric and culture of the country.”

A brewing powerhouse, CBL’s technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, multi-million dollar production line is housed in a 150,000 square-foot brewery sprawled across nearly 20 acres at Clifton Pier where Kalik, Heineken, Guinness, Vitamalt, Ole Nassau and Ricardo rums are produced.

The production process culminates in scores of bottles topped up with the popular amber liquid in a matter of seconds. It is a little-known fact that Kalik’s delicious formula took two years to perfect.

CBL is also home to three warehouses and a plant that recycles more than 50 per cent of the brewery’s bottles. In the beer bottle recycling process, bottles undergo a 30-point, element inspection process.

A publicly traded company since 2011, CBL has paid out millions in dividends annually to its shareholders.

“The goal of the documentary is to deepen the public’s understanding not only of our brewery operations but also our history of nation-building on an economic, cultural and social level,” said Hanna. “We want to encourage the public to tune in.”

The 17-minute documentary includes moments of celebration, poignant interviews, a touching thank you from a staff member displaced by a hurricane plus a look at the equipment, machinery and technology that make the production of a product that meets strict international standards possible locally. The documentary is set to debut on Thursday, August 9 at 8pm on ZNS, Island Luck TV and at 9pm on Our TV. It will also stream on the company’s social media platforms and website this summer.