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Cleveland Clinic Florida Appoints Bahamian as Representative for Cleveland Clinic Florida for The Bahamas

Cleveland Clinic Florida, ranked No. 1 among the best hospitals in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale metro area in US News & World Report’s 2018-2019 ranking, has appointed Shenika Nesbitt as its representative in The Bahamas. Nesbitt will be representing Cleveland Clinic’s Global Patient Services (GPS) division in the local market and will be the point of contact for Bahamians interested in access to the hospital system’s specialized medical services in both Florida and Ohio.

As Cleveland Clinic’s local patient representative based in the Bahamas, Nesbitt will also be responsible for maintaining and developing relationships with referral networks and identifying business development opportunities. GPS provides personalized services to international patients and their families, whether at the Cleveland Clinic facility in Florida or the facility located in Ohio.

“We are very pleased to announce that after decades of serving the Bahamian community with a full range of health care services, Cleveland Clinic Florida will provide another level of comfort with the addition of a trusted Bahamian professional, Shenika Nesbitt, as our Global Patient Services representative in The Bahamas,” says Rodolfo J. Blandon, M.D., President of Cleveland Clinic Florida. “For a Bahamian citizen or resident seeking medical services abroad, it helps to be able to count on a trusted, familiar face who can take care of all of the arrangements giving them the peace of mind they need so they can focus on getting better.”

Shenika Nesbitt will also extend the reach of Cleveland Clinic to the medical community by providing continuing education opportunities and training to health professionals. Cleveland Clinic’s Global Patient Services department supports the diverse needs of patients, medical professionals and healthcare organizations around the world, dedicating resources to helping patients and medical professionals with personalized healthcare solutions.

“If I can make a patient’s medical journey smoother and relieve that individual and his or her family of some of the stress at a time when focus must be on wellness, I will be doing the work I was born to do,” said Ms. Nesbitt. “I am very excited about the next chapter of helping fellow Bahamians who are able to receive world-class care at an amazing facility like Cleveland Clinic Florida.”

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