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Local UHY Bain & Associates Firm to Host Major International Accounting Conference at Atlantis this week

More than 50 accounting firms from around the Americas are slated to gather at Atlantis May 23-25 when UHY Bain & Associates hosts a major accounting conference for UHY firms from across the Americas and selected offices from Europe. The theme of the conference is How To Build A World-Class Organization.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest will officially open the conference at Atlantis May 23. He is expected to address the realities of the global financial climate. The conference will include delegates from South and Central America, the Caribbean, Canada, USA, Geneva and the UK.

“This is the first time that a small country like The Bahamas has had the honor of hosting the UHY annual conference for the Americas,” said Dr. John Bain, FCCA, Managing Partner of host firm UHY Bain & Associates. “It is a tribute to The Bahamas symbolizing the relevance of – and acknowledging this historical respect for – the jurisdiction in the wider world of financial services.”

According to Bain, Bahamian organizers wanted to assure conference delegates had a chance to experience local fare and flair, and he is thankful for the expression of governmental appreciation to private citizens making efforts to highlight the natural beauty and business-friendly aspects of our country by inviting business groups. Bain stated, “The group is thrilled that the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance who also happens to be a CPA, will bring remarks that will no doubt, outlay a welcome from the Government of The Bahamas and comment on the timeliness of the conference and the choice of The Bahamas as a meeting place.” The Group will also be addressed by Rhys Madoc, FCA, the CEO from the UK office.

“In addition to working sessions, we wanted to seize this opportunity to showcase The Bahamas so delegates will travel from Paradise Island to the western end of New Providence with a lively historic tour among other activities and social events,” said Bain. “While we are enjoying planning the lighter side, conferences like those hosted by UHY affiliates are increasingly significant in an era when there is so much vulnerability in an electronically dominated world where we are all guarding against risks that can impact businesses, cities, utilities, corporations, and individuals. The need for serious attention to an increasingly digitized Bahamas business ecosystem and ubiquitous computerized systems has never been greater. Professional and networked associations like UHY provide business solutions, expertise, and connections that would be more difficult for individual offices practicing in the consulting industry.”

London-based UHY is a leading network of independent accounting and consulting firms with offices in over 300 major business centers across 100 countries. UHY Group offers a broad range of services for owners of businesses, including accounting and auditing, tax compliance and advice, corporate recovery, liquidations and receiverships, bankruptcy and restructuring, forensic accounting, and data-analytic services.

Recently, the Group launched an aggressive campaign of global expansion. New additions to the UHY family include member firms from Brazil, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, Poland, Iran, Nepal, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Egypt. The UHY group also gives an annual assessment of the UK’s government’s budgets when it is tabled in the UK Parliament. Recently, the group commented on the accounting ramification of the Brexit saga where it mentioned strategies for accountancy practices in a post-Brexit era.