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Real Estate’s Billion Dollar Legend Mario Carey Names Partner in Better Homes & Gardens MCR Group

One of real estate’s top tier trendsetters, Mario Carey, President and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate MCR Bahamas Group announced this week he has named 34-year-old Broker Tim Rodland a partner in BHGRE MCR Bahamas Group.

Carey, who broke the billion-dollar mark in transactions by age 40 and a decade later, crossed the $2 billion threshold, said Rodland has all the right stuff.

“Tim impressed me from the moment he walked into this office in 2012,” said Carey. Four years later, Rodland earned platinum status from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, making him one of the youngest in history to achieve top three percent in sales worldwide.

Going from near-novice high achiever to partner is a leap even Carey agrees is rare.

“Becoming a partner after seven years is no small achievement in a profession where many agents work for decades and never make partner,” Carey confessed.  “But Tim has what it takes. He has a tireless work ethic and studies trends both locally and internationally, staying ahead of the curve and treating every transaction with the kind of attention that builds loyalty and trust. He has good leadership skills and is very forward thinking. Tim is a team player who exemplifies selflessness and is always willing to help other agents and staff. He brings to the table experience, innovation and great marketing skills.”

Rodland called his nomination for partner an honour.

“I am grateful and honoured to become a partner. Mario and I work well together with mutual respect for each other,” said Rodland.

The firm, with an office in The Shoppes of Cable Beach and agents throughout The Bahamas, has grown steadily since opening its doors as the first international franchise from giant Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate in April, 2016. Rodland joined Mario Carey Realty prior to the franchise as Carey stepped up recruiting young and, in his words, ‘highly energetic and motivated’ group of sales associates. Two other young sales associates have earned performance awards since the firm joined the franchise.

“We now employ more than 25 people who represent various socio-economic backgrounds and speak various languages,” said Rodland who was attracted to real estate when he arranged a personal sale and experienced the satisfaction of structuring a deal. He recalls the reward he felt from having put a buyer and seller together as a teen.

“It was my aunt’s treadmill,” he chuckled. There was no finder’s fee, just the satisfaction of having done a good thing of helping to meet the needs of both the buyer and seller. When he was a bit older, he sold what he described as “oversized cordless phones with huge antennas.” Every dollar Rodland reeled in fed his appetite for salesmanship success.

In the first quarter of 2019, Rodland sold a $13.5 million beachfront residence in Ocean Club Estates, Paradise Island mirroring what his now partner, Mario Carey, had achieved – setting records in Ocean Club Estates, the exclusive active lifestyle community on the eastern end of Paradise Island.  Rodland has represented owners of private islands, resorts, as well as luxury residences in a number of exclusive communities such as Lyford Cay, Old Fort Bay and others throughout The Bahamas.

The partnership became effective May 1. BHGRE MCR Bahamas Group handles residential, commercial and institutional sales, leasing and property management, appraisals, vacation rentals and consultancy services.