Live life Free

Lisa Nichols to Return for Expected Sell-out Women’s Empowerment Experience ‘Live Life Free’

Lisa Nichols, the motivational speaker who brings sizzle to the serious message awakening women to recognize their financial power, will return to The Bahamas in October for the second ‘Live life Free’ experience, organizers announced today.

Caline G. Newton, CM, CFE, CFCS, revealed the news that Nichols has agreed to return to Grand Bahama for an anticipated repeat of what was an electrifying and empowering experience last year.

“We are very excited about this year’s experience which will feature three main motivators and coaches who will speak to women in a way that energizes them to bring out the bold, bring out the best in themselves,” said Newton, who officially opened the call for sponsors.

“According to current statistics, women control 51% of the wealth in America,” said Newton. “And our influence and participation is growing exponentially. In 2014, we accounted for $14 trillion in investments. That figure is expected to climb to $22 trillion by 2020. Forbes research tells us that 70 – 80% of consumer purchases are driven by women.”

Newton noted that it would be almost impossible to find a household in today’s non-Arabic world where women did not either control or participate in key family financial decisions.

“We are the decision-makers or contribute to the decisions made in nearly every family matter, and yet we still do not recognize how significant our influence is. That lack of self-appreciation carries over to the workplace and so we fail to aim as high as we are capable of achieving,” said Newton, whose own accomplishments read like the contents of a Who’s Who entry of a person who has lived far longer than she.

A natural leader, Newton was Valedictorian at the primary and high school level, winning both the Elk’s Oratorial Speech Competition and the Wallace Groves Memorial Scholarship in Grand Bahama and graduating with distinction at Mount Saint Claire College, Iowa with degrees in the areas of Accounting and Computer Information Systems. She completed graduate level certification at Ashford University in Organizational Management, Managerial Marketing & Economics and Legal Environment.

For nearly the past 20 years, she has held the position of Accountant/Compliance Officer for the Freeport and Abaco offices of Dupuch & Turnquest Counsel and Attorneys-at-Law.

Newton said she was “thrilled” that Nichols accepted the invitation to return.

“Lisa Nichols is not just a personality, she is a force who inspires transformation because she did it in her own life, going from public assistance to leading a multi-million dollar enterprise, becoming a best-selling author of seven books and founder of one of America’s few training and development companies that is publicly traded.”

Nichols has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, the Dr. Phil show, the Steve Harvey Show and Extra among other appearances.

Houston and San Diego both have days named after her in honour of her philanthropic work, community service and healing.

Newton said more details about the women’s empowerment experience would be released shortly.