Bahamas Feeding Network

Bahamas Feeding Network Extends Hands to Feed Residents of Senior Citizens and Children’s Homes

The residents of nearly 20 senior citizens and children’s homes across New Providence received hot meals courtesy of the Bahamas Feeding Network (BFN) and the recent steak out it held.

“Leading up to our steak out we made a general appeal to corporate Bahamas to assist us by purchasing blocks of tickets,” said Philip Smith, executive director Bahamas Feeding Network. “The generous donations allowed us to prepare and deliver a total of 551 plates of food to several senior citizens and children’s homes throughout the island.”

The heaping plates of steaks, chicken, baked potatoes and corn on the cob were delivered to appreciative recipients.

“You cannot preach to a man on a hungry stomach,” said Pastor Janet Smith-Butler, administrator Unity House. “I tip my hat off to the Bahamas Feeding Network because they are making a very positive move in The Bahamas. They’re not selfish of where they make their deliveries to. Food goes all across New Providence.”

Butler expressed how amazed she was by the number of people who go hungry in Nassau and credits BFN for their “tremendous efforts in alleviating the problem.”

Each week, BFN volunteers prepare 5,500 meals and traverse the island making deliveries to individuals as well as some 120 churches, soup kitchens and feeding centres that make up the Network.  Additionally, hot plates, food parcels and food vouchers are also distributed to the members.

Organizations that received the plated donations included Unity House, Good Samaritan Home, Pinewood Gardens Twilight Home, BASH, Pat’s  Senior Citizen’s Home, Persis Rodgers Home for Aged, Mary Ingraham Care Centre, Solider Road Group Home, A+A Comfort Care, Rebecca House, Nazareth Center, All Saints Camp, Nurse Naomi Christie Senior Citizen’s Group Home, Yellow Elder Senior Citizen’s Home, St. Matthew’s Day Care Centre, Demetrius Senior Citizen’s Home, Coastline Community Care, Ranfurly Homes for Children, Elizabeth Estates Children’s Home, Colby House for Boys, Bilney Lane Children’s Home and Children’s Emergency Hostel.

“We appreciate the acts of kindness and the children definitely appreciate the meals provided,” said Alexander Roberts, administrator Ranfurly Homes for Children.

BFN’s efforts serves as an example and an awakening to the public, encouraging them to open their eyes to the hunger crisis that is prevalent in The Bahamas.

“It is our hope that as a group we can alleviate and eventually eliminate the problem at hand,” said Smith. “Thanks to all of our volunteers, BFN acts as a catalyst in helping Bahamian people.”