McDonald's Franchise

McDonald’s Celebrates Founder’s Birthday, Execs Take on Service Role

When legendary businessman Ray Kroc founded the McDonald’s Corporation in 1955, the idea of franchising a restaurant chain was so new that his philosophy “In business for yourself, but not by yourself” created a novel economic platform. Five years later, as the eatery chain with the golden arches branding became a modern and model success story, McDonald’s had sold its 100 millionth hamburger. This month, its local franchisee DanBrad Ltd., marked the late founder’s birthday by turning the tables on its organizational chart, with executives and management donning aprons, caps and smiles to serve customers.

“We wanted to celebrate a man whose philosophy of partnership has created an atmosphere where customers enjoy consistency and quality and know they will have a memorable experience,” said Earla Bethel, President of DanBrad, which operates three McDonald’s restaurants in Nassau. “Remembering and celebrating Ray Kroc’s birthday reminds us to embrace our corporate heritage as we all move to the front lines to experience the true meaning of Customer-Obsessed.”

All three McDonald’s – Marlborough Street, Oakes Field and Palmdale – participated in Founders Day.  “On this day, we are able to be hands on with our customers, many of whom are seeing us for the first time,” said Rochelle Davis, “It’s been fun and as much as they are lovin’ it, I think I’m lovin’ it more. IT Employees whose usual jobs are at the corporate office with headquarters on Market Street said the experience allowed them to gain greater appreciation for line crew who serve customers every day.

Marking Founder’s Day was one of many occasions the local franchisee has used to serve up smiles. For the past nine years, McDonald’s has teamed with the St. Andrews Presbyterian Kirk to send up to 200 students annually back to school with stylish backpacks filled with school supplies. They’ve entertained students and encouraged them. The company also sponsors a healthy lifestyle walk and run with staff members joining the event. Throughout the year, McDonald’s and partner charitable organizations donate happy meals or other treats for dozens of sports and youth-related events. McDonald’s has also provided meals and other supplies to several children’s homes and to victims of Hurricane Dorian.


Some 68 million people eat McDonald’s every day at the company’s 35,000 locations in 118 countries. The company has 1.7 million employees worldwide.