Bahamas Feeding Network

Chinese Embassy Makes Post-Dorian Donation to Bahamas Feeding Network

For a second consecutive year, and on the heels of the strongest and deadliest hurricane to hit The Bahamas, The People’s Republic of China donated nearly $20,000 of products to the Bahamas Feeding Network (BFN).  With thousands of persons displaced to New Providence from Abaco and Grand Bahama, the Network increased its production of hot meals to accommodate the 1,200 daily meals required for distribution to the various hurricane shelters.

On hand to make the presentation of goods was the Chinese Ambassador to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

“Last month The Bahamas was hit by the strongest hurricane and the Chinese government was very concerned about the situation of the hurricane disaster and made every effort to provide financial aid and material support,” said H.E. Huang Qinguo, Chinese Ambassador to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. “Today we donate some food and materials to the people affected by the hurricane in The Bahamas. We believe the Bahamian government and the people will overcome the temporary difficulties and hope that the affected areas will rebuild their homes soon.”

The dry goods included rice, vegetable oil, corn, tomato paste and tuna, which was a timely response to assist the Network in providing the additional meals in excess of its regular 5,500 meals weekly.

“I believe will all of my heart that if we can put the right people together, who have the passion as well as compassion, we can totally eradicate hunger in The Bahamas. And our goal is to totally eradicate hunger in The Bahamas,” said Philip Smith, Executive Director of the Bahamas Feeding Network. “To see to it that no one, no child, no adult goes to bed hungry. Thank you very much, Ambassador, for this partnership.”

Also in attendance at the midday presentation was Patricia Minnis, Spouse of the Prime Minister and Patron of the Bahamas Feeding Network who reiterated appreciation for the largesse of the Chinese Embassy.

“Mr. Ambassador we really appreciate your donation here today,” she said. “The Feeding Network not only fed or is feeding people in New Providence two times a week, year round. I would like you to know that they were in Freeport in the aftermath of Dorian also feeding and assisting with the work with the World Kitchen. They really are an organization that is helping and many hands make light work. The assistance and the donation here really helps this organization move forward and feed many people. I am proud to be a part of the Feeding Network.”

Founded in 2013, the Bahamas Feeding Network preps, cooks and distributes more than 5,500 hot meals a week through a network of more than 100 churches, soup kitchens and feeding organization and 500 parcels of groceries. Additionally, more than $500,000 in food vouchers have been distributed over the years.