Lyford Cay Foundations

600+ Apply for Lyford Cay Foundations Scholarships

COVID-19 turned the world upside down, closing schools to in-person learning, shutting down tourism and forcing countries to ramp up healthcare operations. But there is one thing it did not dampen – Bahamian students’ desire to go to college.

More than 600 applicants in The Bahamas applied for a Lyford Cay Foundations scholarship for studies outside of The Bahamas.

According to Executive Director Dr. Nicola Virgill-Rolle, “While the number of applications is slightly down from prior years, interest in pursuing higher education both abroad and locally remains extremely strong.”

All applications are reviewed by an independent Scholarship Consultant and then further assessed through independent screening committees to ensure the integrity of the review process.  The first-round for applications closed on 15th March 2021 while the second round of reviews closed on 15th April, 2021.  The complete process can take up to four months, a timeframe the Foundations is working toward reducing.

“All applications are considered for financial need as well as academic qualifications.  However, we also make sure that there is a financial plan in place to fund costs not covered by the scholarship” said Dr. Virgill-Rolle.  Additionally, we are continuously working on new scholarships.  For example, through generous new gifts, we will be expanding our offerings of scholarships for studies at universities in Canada.  Dr. Virgill-Rolle expressed her gratitude to the donors, many of whom have consistently provided support to the Foundations.

Some 25-30 new Lyford Cay Foundations scholarships will be awarded for students to attend Canadian and American universities, with final notices going to successful candidates by mid-July. Another 25-30 students will benefit from ongoing scholarships.

Through annual disbursements since 1997, Lyford Cay Foundations has also provided just over $7 million to the University of The Bahamas (formerly College of The Bahamas) for scholarships, the Harry C. Moore Library and study abroad programmes.

Lyford Cay Foundations is the country’s largest non-governmental benefactor of educational initiatives, with more than 3,000 students earning a college or post-graduate degree thanks to the assistance of people who believe that education is the foundation for a successful nation. The Foundations also funds an 8-year programme called FOCUS, which helps students achieve post-secondary education readiness from the time they enter the 5th grade through to 12th grade. Additionally, the Foundations has provided grants to support a diverse range of non-governmental organizations assisting with youth development programmes, and special grants for COVID-19 food aid programmes and Hurricane Dorian restoration efforts for the Central Abaco Primary School.

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