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Cleveland Clinic Florida, Doctors Hospital to host Free ‘Heart-to-Heart’ Webinar with Leading Doctors April 27

With heart disease still the number one cause of death in The Bahamas, Cleveland Clinic Florida and Doctors Hospital will team up on Tuesday, April 27 to present a free webinar with leading cardiologists.

Called ‘Let’s Have A Heart-to-Heart,’ the webinar will include how to recognize symptoms, the importance of early detection of potential heart failure, impact of COVID on incidences of heart disease, straight talk about relevant diet and lifestyle facts and the latest in treatment options, including stem cell transplantation.

“We are especially proud to offer this virtual Heart-to-Heart discussion at this time when all of us have experienced so much stress as a result of the pandemic,” said Ana Luisa Uria, head of international business development for CCF. “We fear that many people may be ignoring important symptoms, not listening to their bodies or not taking as much care as they once did with eating healthier foods and getting regular exercise simply because our routines have been interrupted. What we think of as coping mechanisms may actually be backfiring so we are very fortunate to have these two specialists share their wisdom. We hope people take this opportunity to tune in and to ask the questions they want answers to.”

The presenters are Dr. Alejandro Mesples, an interventional cardiologist at Doctors Hospital and an expert in coronary and peripheral artery revascularization procedures, and Dr. Howard Bush, who has served as a cardiologist with Cleveland Clinic Florida for 31 years. He will speak on Cardiovascular Disease, how to lower your risk in 2021. Dr. Mesples will address ‘Is your heart quietly failing?’

Join the webinar via Zoom at:


Meeting ID: 838 1739 3652

Passcode: 368347